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The Pleiades Group of Seven
Madonna-Megara Holloway, President and CEO

Madonna-Megara Holloway, President and CEO

The Pleiades Group of Seven's President is Madonna-Megara Holloway a registered professional Chemical Engineer from Queen's University in Canada. She started her career in the oil and gas industry working in such various fields as natural gas operations, oil refinery operations, and chemical simulation. As a simulation expert she immigrated to the US and worked in a consulting role for Dow Chemical, Exxon, Shell, and NASA just to name a few.

MM has over 20 years of experience in managing very large and complicated projects and specifically managing large early adopter, non-standard technologies and understanding the associated risks. Mitigation of risk including financial, legal, and process is always a primary concern. MM brings leadership, business and strategic development, communication, project management, contract, risk assessment and mitigation, supplier management, business policy, business process engineering, economics, marketing and engineering skills.

MM provides leadership in the 'engaging' of both internal and external partners and the use of effective negotiations to achieve a win-win scenario for all partners involved; facilitating cross-functional integration; developing and leading virtual teams, which drives strategy, corporate implementation plans and agreements; coordinating, developing and leading efforts to secure resources necessary to implement strategies, programs and/or projects; and coordinating the activities of internal departments in support of objectives.

Her passion for physics started in high school with the study of light and the wave particle duality however, it was not until 1978 that the study of the problem started in earnest when she acquired her first copy of an Alice Bailey book. She spent decades deciphering the original works which was in obtuse English and filled with metaphors, allegory and symbols and meticulously traced the writings into modern scientific terms and published her first paper in the American Institute Physics and presented at the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum Spesif-2010 at John Hopkins University.

MM is a world leading expert in the scientific application of the foundational works and the developer of the NOE Hypothesis having spent over 30 years developing it.

Mark Garstin, Chief Technology Officer

Mark Garstin, Chief Technology Officer

The Pleiades Group of Seven's Chief Technology Officer is Mark Garstin. Mark brings over 30 years of engineering Research and Development experience to the group with an ability to tackle problems and design systems in new frontier areas of technologies, concepts and theories.

Mark actually started his career in engineering while still in high school when he won the Philips' Canada Wide Young Scientist of the Year in 1975. He then went on to get his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Waterloo majoring in Computer Science and Neuroscience. He was President of the Mathematics Society at Waterloo. After graduation he started out on a career eventually becoming a senior computer design engineer (in both HW and SW) working in such industries as medical diagnostics, military surveillance, electronic financial transactions, industrial control, biological research, and telecommunications. Many of his projects were 'proof-of-concept' projects where he was able to draw upon technologies from across these diverse industries and combine them into new, disruptive technologies and concepts. His largest project was leading a team of engineers in a corporation (to which he was a founder) designing a complete immersive Virtual Reality system. Not only did he lead the HW and SW design teams on this project but he was also responsible for setting up the labs, acquiring the tools and IT infrastructure, establishing the engineering processes and procedures and negotiating with vendors for supplies, equipment and development systems.

Mark holds a patent in encryption technology, has received a number of awards for engineering excellence and has authored several white papers on engineering processes and computer technologies. Next year he will be presenting a paper that he has authored at the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum at the University of Maryland on the fundamental structure of the fabric of the universe, a companion paper to the one presented by Madonna-Megara Holloway at the same forum. His passions, however, are in nuclear and molecular physics as well as astronomy, neuroscience and artificial intelligence, all tempered by a philosophy not to build something better but to discover and expose disruptive technologies to the market place.

Janis L. Risi, Chief Operating Officer

Janis L. Risi, Chief Operating Officer

The Pleiades Group of Seven’s Chief Operating Officer is Janis Risi. Janis brings to the group 30 years of business management and operations management.

Janis started her career in 1980 with Strathmore Investments located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. The prime objective of the company was to purchase large properties experiencing financial difficulties and manage them to the state of profit recovery.

Janis was transferred by Strathmore Investments to Grande Prairie Alberta in 1984 as Senior Manager and Operations Officer.

In 1987 Janis was successful in earning her Real Estate License. By 1996 she was Co-owner and Manager of a successful Real Estate Brokerage. Janis specialized in Commercial / Industrial sales, and land development. In 10 short years Janis played a major role in the development, servicing and sale of land parcels of over four hundred city acres.

In 2008 Janis relocated to Calgary Alberta, Canada and took a corporate position with Sutton Group Realty Services as Operations Manager of a large Real Estate Brokerage employing two hundred Realtors.

Janis is a member in good standing with AREA, CREA, and CREB. She sat on the board of directors for the Grande Prairie Real Estate board for eleven years, and the education committee for CREB. Janis has earned her certificate from the Alberta government for Land Tax Assessment Review Boards, LARB and CARB, and sits on the Tax assessment Review Board for Airdrie, Alberta.

Janis’ years of experience in managing staff, budgets, commercial sites, both sale and lease contracts and day to day operations of large corporate offices makes Janis Risi a valuable part of the PG7 Team.